Our Focus

Community Forest Land Rights

Assisting communities in securing their traditional forest land rights and promoting the development and refinement of policies. Through our community-based forest development models and forest land rights studies, we share knowledge to ensure these rights are respected and upheld equitably.


Indigenous knowledge plays an important role in the sustainable development of communities, conservation and efficient use of resources, food security and adaptation to climate change. This intangible asset is especially valuable to Vietnam - the home of 54 ethnic groups.


CEGORN has been striving to improve the quality of life in local communities for many years by encouraging the sustainable management of resources, such as through the creation of value chains for honey, bamboo shoots, herbal medicines, and other non-timber forest products.


When it comes to formulating and executing policies and programs, particularly in rural and ethnic minority regions, giving attention to existing customary practices and structures and then constructing more formalized systems based on those traditional customs is of high importance.


At CEGORN, biodiversity conservation is a key focus and we strive to accomplish this goal through community-based conservation. The natural forest area of over one million hectares, designated for the community to oversee, has been and is continuing to be carefully preserved.

Adaptation To
Climate Change

In the context of increasingly strong climate change and its impacts on the economy, society and environment, CEGORN has been contributing to climate change adaptation activities of the Vietnamese government by supporting the community to adapt to climate change.

On-going Projects

Sow The Seed For Better Future

Culture is like a forest, with each core value acting as a seed to encourage the growth of the environment.

We believe that preserving culture starts with protecting the lives of indigenous people and the resources of the primeval forests. That belief is the driving force for us to continuously strive to preserve the source of life for the primeval forests and the vitality of each local culture.

2022 Report

Empowering the Community

CEGORN aims for a society in which communities are respected and treated fairly based on their culture, with special priority given to the following:



High land

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