Center for Highland Natural Resource Governance Research (CEGORN)
The Operational Mechanism is used as a guide for CEGORN staff. The Operational Framework includes a description of the work of all staff, decision-making bodies and a guide for program / project proposals, management, monitoring and evaluation of the program / project. Oh. This document will be available to existing staff as well as new CEGORN staff and will be updated periodically to ensure that CEGORN’s current focus and current work is timely reflected.
+ Decision-making body
Founding Chairman of CEGORN is responsible for strategic direction of development and advice
Scientific issues related to the operation and development of the CEGORN. The board manages all CEGORN activities and is responsible before the Vietnamese law for its activities. CEGORN activities involve fundraising, research, counseling, Does the program grow. The management and operation of the CCCD is supervised by the Director of CEGORN and in accordance with the regulations of the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA) adopted in 2000. CEGORN is responsible for submitting Annual plan and activity report for VUSTA for approval according to regulations.
Each month, CEGORN departments are responsible for planning the details of activities planned to be completed during the month. Every six months, departments present their reports and work plans to management and members of the Core Farmer Network for approval and approval. All activities are carried out in accordance with the approved regulations and the laws of Vietnam.
CEGORN has 8 full-time employees, 2 part-time employees and 3 apprentices,
This includes the director and the deputy director – a member of the Board of Directors. CEGORN also receives support from outside experts and part time staff from VUSTA’s affiliated organizations, including CHESH, SPERI and TEW. At the same time, CEGORN is also receiving support from the Farmers’ Network – a network of farmers from different parts of Quang Binh. The Core Network of Farmers has 14 coordinators who participate and support the implementation of CEGORN activities, based on the requirements of the program. This network has been an important core force of CEGORN since 1997.
+ Administration and Finance
Administration and Finance consists of 3 staff, responsible for the activities:
· Receive and answer calls and requests
· Logistic support
· Financial management
· Annual financial audit
· Accountant
· Work with donors and funding sources Administrative and financial operations operate in accordance with Vietnamese law. Every three to six months, CEGORN performs an internal audit. Annually, CEGORN conducts independent audits to ensure financial management operations.
+ Community Development Department
The Community Development Division implements activities in collaboration with the Core Farmer Network. You have 3 full-time and one part-time employees, including the Director and the Deputy Director. The Community Development Board is responsible for the following activities:
· Legal assistance related to land tenure and rights, customary law, patent protection, trademark registration and related commercial business laws as well as marketing of value chains. Products.
· Natural resources management, soil and forest protection, and human knowledge.
· Technical assistance in organic agriculture, medicinal gardens, community forestry, livestock, gardening, landscaping and construction.
Organize training courses for farmers, promote professional training programs for staff (ToT) and support Field Schools.
· Marketing and value chain management
· Micro-enterprise development
+ Department of Research and Printing
The Research and Printing Board works with academics, universities and other industry experts to conduct community forest research, decentralization, organic farming practice, etc. Loaded on websites, newspapers, in reports and presentations at seminars and training courses. The study was conducted by 02 staff, 01 part-time staff and 01 trainee, with the support of the Core Farmer Network.
The Research and Printing Department is responsible for the following activities:
· Improve knowledge and understanding of land and forest issues, including land acquisition, monoculture and effective forest management.
· Enhance knowledge and understanding of cultural and socio-economic issues.
· Dissemination of data and materials for the purpose of lobbying and advertising.
Provide practical data and results in implementing field programs.

+ Advocacy Committee
The policy advocacy panel consists of two committees